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Impact of Massive Multiplayer On-line gaming (MMOG) on social networks

Posted by suntzu on September 29, 2006

The author starts by categorizing the places where social networking takes place. First is your home and second is your work place. He (actually Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame) identifies another space which is besides your home and work. He further analysed why Massive Multiplayer Online gaming is going to occupy the third place since MMOG satisfy the following parameter

  • Neutral Ground: players are not obligated to play; joins and quits are not significant events i.e. total freedom
  • Leveler: Social status is irrelevent
  • Conversation is Main Activity
  • Accessibility & Accommodation: Activity occurs 24*7*365
  • The Regulars or Loyal gamers: Regulars or so called devottes (or loyal gamers) are those who give the place its character, and attract new individuals.
  • A Low Profile: The population of online games follow a parabolic curve. I.e. the loyal gamers/devottes remain while many move on to higher profile games.
  • The Mood is Playful: Playful and witty attracts crowd. Rarely are players overly serious which make an ideal evironment for social gathering
  • A Home Away from Home. MMOG possess a homely atmosphere, spiritual regeneration, feelings of being at ease and wormth

Over all an interesting post. worth a read


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