Abstracting the blogosphere

Abpost .n. Abstract of a post


Ok. Its something we asked ourselves and something we self answered.


Blogging has become popular mechanism to express individual views or express opinions about any subject such as food, technology, places etc. It has now become mainstream media like print and news media. Nowadays, if you specialize in some area you can setup your own blog and start writing and publishing your views about it at comfort of your home and at your own pace and allow people to comment/agree/disagree about it.

The whole phenomenon is phenomenal and is evident from the fact that at present around 50,000 blog posts happen every hour. These blog posts belong to different subjects and are of varied size and quality. Some of these blog posts have become popular and widely read or commented. Authors of these blog posts have created niche of their own and have their own fan following and often credited as subject matter expert. Readers of these blogs would typically have around 10 to 20 blog posts by different authors that they would like to read regularly. Readers would spend regular time to read and consume their favorite blogs. Often it is necessary to read complete blog to understand what author is trying to express and reading every blog every day demands good amount of time and often what you would really do is to develop quick summary of what you just read.

This blog would address this particular need where reader doesn’t have enough time to read through every blog from start till end and still want to have some short and quick summary available for given blog or post which can be read in one tenth of original time. This way, reader saves on time and yet catches up with authors’ point of view.

So, what we plan to do? Yeah, you got it. We read and consume blogs. We plan to generate ‘Abstracts’ out of what we consume. For one, it would help us consume better and second, it would summarize long length blogs in say a short paragraph for somebody who is concerned with ‘gist’s most of the time….or due to lack of time.

What blogs we abstract out? Simple, any blog that we find interesting and is sufficiently lengthy and is what we understood well. Having said that our focus would be on so called ‘techie’ blogs because that’s what we believe we understand better.


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