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Challenges of becoming first time entrepreneuer when being in India and an approach to overcome it

Posted by suntzu on December 13, 2006

This isnt abstract but full post. This time, let somebody else create abstract of it.

You are settled in India? Hmmm…not good if you are thinking to become entrepreneur. Disappointed? Don’t be, because scenario is fast changing and its just matter of time. Bytheway, did you happen to read not so recent issue of Economist couple of couple months back? No? It wasnt extraordinary except a single piece of article that said India has around 15 million successful entrepreneurs and its just that not all of them belong to IT field. So, even a guy who sets up a simple kiryana store and devises his own business model so well that he or she ends up running it sustainably most of the time. What does this mean? No, not what you thought. It means, chances are entrepreneurship is in your blood. You would know how to sustain when things go bad bcoz sustaining is more like do or die for you….and obviously nobody wants to die as there isnt’ any incentive in that 🙂

So, that brings us to point as to what matters when you want to be your own king? Wanna know for sure? Take a break and get back because that’s going to be shattering for you when you know it. Ok. You are back? Great.

Its called ‘Start now’ or ‘First step’. We Indians have so many things to worry because of social life that we live and kind of responsibilities and liabilities that we like to carry, we often see the wall bigger and thicker than it really is. In reality, size ratios of obstacles doesn’t matter – what matters is the First step. Taking first step not only sets physical or material things forward towards your goal but also sends out your thoughts process out in the universe and guess what, universe is designed to work for you provided you ask it so. God damn it, its so simple and yet difficult [frustrating notwithstanding] to make anybody understand that. So, the point is: With First step comes the attitude – a positive attitude and positive thought and with that comes manifestation of reality and passion inside and with that comes commitment and with that comes….hold on…I am digressing here. Ok. Stop. Wait. You take a breath and me too 🙂

Ok. Back. Hmmm…not bad.

Now comes the scenario part. Check sites like Startups.in or Startuphub or Venturewoods and many more. They weren’t there couple of years ago. Google for ‘VC looking for india’. What do you see? Enough huh hah? But how does it matter to people like you and me who aren’t connected or networked?. Honestly, it doesnt’. So what the heck?. Yeah, you are right. To prove that you got a case, you still have to ‘work’ and that too ‘harder’ as you would if scenario wasn’t better. But, tell me, how many eyes are now scouting for the work that you have done? isnt’ it tripled in size? isnt’ it advantage? Simple probability logic, dear friend. Not exciting? Hmmm….that isnt’ enough for you to take that ‘first step’ I poured over. May be VCs or warren buffet should line up in front of your door and ask for your favour. How touchy that would be, I ask.

You are here? Great. Go get it champ. It belongs to you. You are responsible for world’s 50% wealth accumulated with those 1%.

More later….

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