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Why blog post frequency does not matter anymore by Eric Kintz

Posted by suntzu on October 27, 2006

Author has laid his view as to how just having good frequency of blog posting isn’t going to work out well for you.
Following reasons appeared as main reasons behind the above claim:

  • Traffic is generated by participating in the community; not daily posting – Traffic is generated by successful bloggers linking to you either in their posts or in their blogroll.
  • Traffic is irrelevant to your blog’s success– What matters most is whether you are reaching your target audience. Engaging with the audience you want to have a relationship with is a much smarter strategy than posting frequently
  • Loyal readers coming back daily to check your posts – No. Loyal readers subscribe to your blog via RSS feeds and have new content pushed to them. They will remain loyal because they have subscribed, not because you post frequently.
  • Frequent posting is actually starting to have a negative impact on loyalty: With too many posts, you run the risk of losing loyal readers, overwhelmed by the clutter you generate. It leads to poor quality content and also threatens the credibility of blogosphere.

A good post. Check it here.


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