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Advocating the use of code coverage By Eric Sink

Posted by suntzu on October 14, 2006

Eric is among those software gurus who believe that writing software can be more of science provided a strict discipline is taken towards creation of software. Code coverage is one such discipline which should be followed if you are in the business of software creation. This is without saying that you need solid unit testing infrastructure to fuel code coverage.

Code coverage is nevertheless a very daunting task and as you start to approach the 100% mark, things become more difficult as it takes huge effort to come up with enough unit tests to get all the way to 100%.

In his post he talks about what should be your code coverage goals be and how to achieve it. Another point worth talking from the post when he says “In my case, code coverage forced me to look at my code and realize that some of my coding practices weren’t very smart.”

Code coverage and Unit testing are tools and hence works as enhancer (not a replacement) for over all code quality. They provide us a way of increasing the quality of our code, but 100% code coverage certainly does not mean 100% code quality

A nice post if you are a software soldier


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