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The Enlightenment of Richard Branson @ FastCompany.com

Posted by suntzu on October 13, 2006

Author provides a quick analysis of Richard Branson’s success.

The approach followed by Sir Richard has been the same for all of his ventures. He looks on industries that treat customers terryfyingly badly and enters into that market with promise of providing entertaining experience for customers and offering them better deal along with. Many of the ideas that were implemented into his businesses have originated from Branson’s own wants and needs. One of the example given is of seatback videos [where you choose want you want to watch] that Bransons’ wanted to have but couldn’t make bankers to pay for it. But it was a wanting need that Bransons felt as if he himself was a customer, so he went ahead and ordered new Boeings with seatback videos.

The idea is to give customer’s a treatment that experience memorable with your service.

Author makes a point that is summarized above. Safely skip the original post.


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