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Homegain success analysis @ startup-review.com

Posted by suntzu on October 6, 2006

Author takes the case of Homegain – a leader in online marketing for real estate professionals and quotes the following reasons behind its success:

  • They relied on fresh customers. Though there werent many repeat customers, it still survived because there were fresh real-estate agents croping up [due to real estate boom] who wanted to leverage any available tool to outperform existing traditional real estate agents or atleast arrive in the bracket of top 20% successful real estate agents.
  • They did not try to alter or define new way of doing real estate business. They kept its focus on simple lead generation for first few years.
  • They made strong partnerships in short span which helped secure enough data to serve consumer. They made associations with local agencies to incorporate additional data.
  • They observed the shifts in customer focus in time and added new services accordingly.

Author makes a good analysis. A nice to read post.


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