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Four Ways the Internet Is Transforming Small Business – by Brian of Smallbusiness20.com

Posted by suntzu on October 4, 2006

Author attempts to describe how internet has changed ways of doing business, ways of doing sale lead generation etc.

Author has listed four points about how internet caused business transformation

  • Internet makes market more efficient. It connects people with niche needs to people selling niche products. So, even small businesses can flourish which would not have been possible without internet. The other way to say this is – Internet disproportionately favors small business.
  • Changing Nature of business shopping. 20 years ago, the whole sales process involved you talking with humans from generating leads to materializing them. Its isnt anymore. Consumers have lots of information already available from websites, blogs, reviews etc. and materializing leads is what your sales person has to do.
  • Changing ways of knowledge creation and retrieval. Web2.0 got it right by providing an incentive for knowledge creation to users thereby creating huge and vast knowledgebase in short time.

Author has made a thoughtful post. A nice to read post


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