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What’s Hot at Demo @ techcrunch.com

Posted by suntzu on September 28, 2006

Author gives an interesting peek into what all has been happening in DEMO conference. Around 67 exclusively selected companies are showcasing their products in this conference. Author has shortlisted his favorites falling under various categories. The abstracts for each individual companies are so exciting, that the author leaves you with no choice but to explore that individual company further.

Some of his favorites are:

  • Pluggd is demonstrating a new technology called HearHere, which uses speech recognition and semantic analysis to let users search inside audio files for key words and related terms that are displayed on a heat map for skipping to relevant parts of a podcast.
  • Pixsense uses a patent pending compression algorithm to compress multimedia files up to 85%
  • Adaptive Blue offers an interesting Firefox extension for social bookmarking.
  • NanoLearning is an easy way to make educational games or training modules in Flash.
  • JaJah is mobile product that lets users make very low cost VOIP calls through their mobile phones

And the list continues……

An informative post worth reading from start till end. 🙂


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