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How Rotten Tomatoes Survived @ Startup-review.com

Posted by suntzu on September 27, 2006

Author does a case study for a Web2.0 start-up called Rotten Tomatoes that deals in movie reviews.

Author suggests following factors were responsible for its survival of dot com bust:

  • Idea of movie review was quite new when it launched. It was innovative and hence attracted good traffic because of it.
  • Founders soon realize that SEO is the key to get traffic. Loyal users are not enough. They re-devised their site to dedicate a mini-site for each movie review. This helped boost natural search ranking.
  • Though many people suggested founders to diversify into other but connected areas, founders decided to just one thing i.e. movie reviews.They decided not to loose focus rather keep the focus of quality of site and quality of user experience.

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