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Why Top Employees Quit – by dumblittleman.blogspot.com

Posted by suntzu on September 25, 2006

Author collected data from employees who decided to quit and were among the top performers. Following were the main findings:

  • Money: 46% had rated this as their primary concern.

Remember, star employees know their value. May be they are compensated well below their market value. Or star employees don’t see any growth potential within organization hierarchy. You sure, you aren’t top heavy?

  • No challenge: 23% gave this a #1 reason.

Same job. Same function. And for last few years. – Blame managers here. It is seriously important that as a manager you know what your star employees think. Go talk to them. Its that simple.

  • Too Challenged: 21% gave this as #1 reason.

You ask your star guys to complete a tough job but give them inferior tools and personnel when having better tool or personnel was in clear reach.- Dont mess with quality of infrastructure or tools or people or bandwidth etc.

  • Dead Company: Again – 21% gave this as #1 reason.

Yours is a dead atmosphere. Your own attitude sucks. Yours a only work but no play type environment. – Evolve fun culture. Bring some energy.

Author ponders over a must-think aspect for many growing companies. Average post. Skip it unless you need more explanations.


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