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Competing for Attention by Kathy Sierra

Posted by suntzu on September 15, 2006

Author suggests following ways to get attention from members, guests, students, potential customers, kids, co-workers etc.

  • The idea is that You need to be interesting than anything else in their environment. ie. You need to be proactive and there isn’t clear formula to be proactive. However, following are worth trying:
  • Be more visual. i.e. Use stimulating pictures or exciting charts so to say.
  • Break expectations. i.e. As long as you work are everybody else, its difficult to get attention.
  • Break patterns regularly. i.e. Keep finding somethings and keep changing them e.g. website, tutorial, forum design, color section etc.
  • Develop curiosity i.e. Brains are naturally addictive to questions or are curious. Use this feature.
  • Pose Challenge i.e. Ask questions that look interesting and difficult to answer.
  • Put some fun. Brain love fun.
  • Give your user higher experience. If your users are already good learners and if you can show that you would add to their expertise, they would listen.
  • Seduce you audience. This doesn’t mean sexual, by the way. Be seductive in what you do.

Author plays well with brain vs mind connection. Gives some practical examples. A nice to read post.


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