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Why Friendster failed and MySpace ruled by Startup-review.com

Posted by suntzu on September 13, 2006

  • MySpace gave more control to users while friendster believed in predefined templates as the only way users could do so called ‘self-expression’.
  • MySpace was quick to add PhotoSharing feature while friendster could never get hold of it.
  • MySpace had quick development and rollout cycle and it was in sync with users ‘needs’ while friendster didnt consider users pain a pain.
  • MySpace added blogs, IM, message boards long before friendster could.
  • MySpace rolled out features that wouldn’t impact site performance [e.g. ‘friend chain’ is intensive operation which friendster had but myspace didn’t].
  • MySpace focussed initially [till they achieved critical mass] on US market and only US market because thats the market where branded ad market is more matured than it is in Asia and is a revenue generating market. It helped keep MySpace performance up and up while friendster expanded into all markets but didn’t make its site/servers capable enough to handle all the traffic which in turn lead to degraded performance for its US based users.

Author makes a good analysis. A nice to read post.


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