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Why Smart People Do Dumb Things by Guy Kawasaki

Posted by suntzu on September 8, 2006

Four reasons to why smart, rich, famous and powerful people do dumb things – from book Why Smart People Do Dumb Things:

  1. Overbearing pride in self.
  2. Feeling of being entitled to anything they want.
  3. Excessive admiration of self.
  4. Unconscious need to fail: When you are about to be successful, you start fearing whether you really deserve it or not?

Same book go on further and elaborates on How do we rate the maturity of a person? You are less mature if:

  1. you try to be somebody that you arent and you cant be. So, Accept yourself.
  2. you dont get along well with others. So, Accept others.
  3. you got bad sense of humuor. So, Keep your sense of humor.
  4. Unable to feel pleasures out of simple things. So, Accept simple pleasures.
  5. you fail to enjoy the present. Remember, best insurance for tomorrow is the effective use of today. So, Enjoy the present.
  6. you keep cribing about your work. Appreciate your work.

Author snips out interesting snips from the above mentioned book. See full post if you are interested in examples and you want to know why or why not Guy Kawasaki is one of those smart people.


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