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Field Guide to Developers by Joel on Software

Posted by suntzu on September 7, 2006

What is that developers look for in a company? The following:

  • Enough Private Space. That means your own and yours only cubicle. Why? because it increases the productivity. Sort of private office type stuff. Check Peopleware to understand more.
  • Physical Workplace. That means, how company is located, how its inside space looks like,how people are stuffed in it, its walls and furniture, its surroundings etc etc.
  • Toys. That means, they love to have high end top of the line computers…no compromise.
  • Social life inside organisation. That means, how they get treated – respected,responsible and heard or not-cared,you-are-no-different and never-heard.
  • Colleagues. That means, working with smart people has its advantages and developers know it very well. They certainly dont want to work with jerks.
  • Independence and Autonomy. That means, yep…you got it.
  • Work. That means, am i get to work on what i love to work on? or if its not my love, give me something thats’ interesting to me.
  • Developers also want to identify themselves with the company. They tend to get associate with the ideology of the company. It matters to them…at times.

Author isnt at his best. You need to take lot of deep breathe(s). A skip to post wouldnt cost.


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