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Flickr case study by Startup-review.com

Posted by suntzu on September 5, 2006

  • Flickr focussed on features that would make it grow exponentially e.g. very easy intergration within your blog. Flickr focussed on making the first visit a positive one e.g. simple UI, no intrusive advt., no need for registration to view photos sent by others.
  • Flickr established its own forum section. Its team participated in this forum actively thereby growing a community based on trust.
  • Flickr released set of open APIs to make it easy to interact with this service. This act made it easy for professional, semi-professional, or other photo enthusiasts to interact with the service in a way that casual users don’t and it indeed focussed on community of professional, semi-professiona photographers as the core of the initial Flickr community. This helped raising the amount of quality photos which in turn benefited entire community.
  • Flickr did very less usablity testing, rather it focussed on taking the product out quickly and listen to users. At one time, Flickrs was making new release every half an hour! Users were seeing their suggestions getting implemented the very next day !

An ok-type analysis by the author. Read the actual post if you have nothing else to do.


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