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80-19-1 Rule of Web2.0 by Brad Feld

Posted by suntzu on September 1, 2006

It talks in the context of Web 2.0 site that relies on user generated content and suggests a clever approach to grow its online communities. It drives this approach from two other rule of thumbs. One RoT is Pareto principle of 80-20 that says 80% of your company’s revenue comes from 20% of your customers and the other RoT is 1% of the Digg users generate most of the Digg. Considering these two RoTs in mind, it implies that 80% users of the site are those who are simply fly-bys and do not matter but 20% users of the site are important. Among these 20% users of the site, 1% are those who actually contribute and remaining 19% are those who are just consumers – plain and regular watchers. They dont contribute but are or hence important. Because if you can engage these 19% to contribute [not even to an extent where it equals the contribution of those 1%], it still can grow your content by mani fold and can lead to increase in the ‘reach’ of your site.

Author makes an interesting insight. A ‘nice to read’ post


One Response to “80-19-1 Rule of Web2.0 by Brad Feld”

  1. Harvinder said

    Pareto principle holds true in performance tuning of slow running applications and the 1% rule holds true in ciritical bugs found in applications.

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